Congratulations on your engagement!!
Let us create the perfect wedding ceremony together.

A ceremony should reflect both your personalities and be unique to you, whether that is an intimate occasion, a traditional wedding or offbeat and a bit whacky?

If you want to exchange vows in a location special to you, that is not a licenced venue, what a great idea, there are some amazing places out there. Woodlands, beaches, caves or castles, even your own garden.

I specialise in ceremonies out of the ordinary and am happy to discuss your ideas with you. Being able to pronounce a couple for the first time at the end of their ceremony is a privilege for me.

A wedding using an independent celebrant will require you to register your marriage and sign legal documents separately from your actual ceremony. You can do this at your local register office and take two witnesses along; you literally just sign the documents, saving your vows and rings, until the actual celebration date. I will guide you through this, so if you have any questions please contact me and I will be more than happy to advise you.